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We know that many people are curious about our team and what we do. You ask what we do now, what we have plans. We can’t tell you too much, but Kahani constantly develops and creates a „millimeter by millimeter” 🙂 We fix everything, with complete accuracy and even Swiss precision prepare and match the choreography, costumes, music, additives, offer etc. etc … We want to create a harmonious team, so beyond the rehearsals we spend a lot of time together and we integrate. We are extremely happy that we get on well with each other. We believe that we were destined to meet, create the group and make friends 🙂

Aside form regular meetings with coffee and not only, we visited, among others, Cracow, where the restaurant Ganesh organized a great Bollywood Party. We admired shows of our friends – the Chameli group from Cracow. First of all, we had the brilliant time with the Indian music hits and our knowledge of Indian dance, choreographies from films and lyrics shocked the Indians, with whom we conquer th dance floor almost until morning 🙂

Recently, also our beloved dancer Julia entered in adulthood 🙂 Although, we were the oldest of her birthday party we played brilliantly – we wish Julia again one hundred years! <3
Recently there were so many events, dances and exercises so we had a little rest. One of the best ways to do that is mehendi meeting 😉 During our traditional gossip Kasia adorned the hands of team friends, and full of happiness and relax they moved on vacation. But… only for the moment, we are back on the dance hall soon! 😀

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