The group presents various styles of Indian dance:

– film dances: Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood… (both in traditional and modern form);
– semiclassical dance (a combination of modern dance, mainly Bollywood, with classic Indian dances);
– folk dances: Bhangra (Punjab state), Lavani (Maharashtra state), Garba and Dandiya (Gujarat state), Dappan Koothu (Tamil Nadu state);
– fusions of Indian dances with other dance styles (e.g. modern dance, latino, belly dance).

Kahani offers:

– dance shows (events of all kinds, not only typical Indian, all over Poland and abroad!),

– dance workshops, classes, dance animations,

– organization of Indian events,

– mehendi

– TV and radio performances,

– lectures on dance and Indian culture (e.g. History of Dance),

– hostesses (during various Indian events),

– models (e.g. photoshoots, makeup competitions),

– and many other interesting projects – we are open! 🙂

Are you interested in our participation during your event? Contact us and get familiar with our detailed offer! 🙂

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